Alcatel One Touch 903, the Cheaper Alternative for an Android Phone

There is no denying that Android-based phones are the current trend nowadays. Electronics consumers and technology buffs swoon over the latest models from different competing companies to be constantly updated with the innovations of the modern day. However, popular Android phones like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 can hurt your pocket if you’ve got only some modest dollars to spare.

So, if you are hounded by thoughts of owning an Android smartphone this Christmas, but at the same time you are haunted by guilty feelings of spending a huge heap of money on a mobile device, you need not overthink. Go out and spend your neat little cash of £40 to purchase an Android-based phone with little guilty feelings to worry over. Alcatel One Touch 903 will just save your day.

  • Kopf

    I had purchased this phone but I dropped it and it smashed the other day, so I had to go and buy smth better