Tobii EyeMobile: Amazing Device for Eye Controlled Tablet

We are already used to hands-free devices for mobile and even to devices that may be operated with the use of voice. However, eye controlled device is still sounds like fiction. And today Tobii expands our vision and offers a hands-free eye controlled tablet.

The EyeMobile is a solid-looking unit that consists of metal grip holding Microsoft Pro Tablet and connected with the device via USB. The device is compatible with any Microsoft Pro tablet and gives you the ability to access almost any standard functions and apps just with the use of your eyes.

Beneath the Surface, you may spot rectangular sensor bar that stores two infrared cameras designed to catch any tiny movement of your eyes and transmit it to the screen. Once your tablet is turned on an EyeMobile app is activated and you don’t need to use your hands.

Of course, at first it is difficult to get used to use only your eye for tablet tracking, browsing and operating, but if you really need this – you’ll learn. The app interface looks like a black and blue bar and has plenty of functions such as left and right mouse click, menu, settings, and keyboard. Each of them is activated with a close look at it for a few seconds. Further operations are similar to those you do with your finger to operate your touchscreen device only with the use of your eyes. You look at the app icon on the right then start like dragging your sight to the left – and voila.

What you can do with your Windows 8 system using eye tracking:

  • Open recent apps
  • Open Charms bar
  • Making left and right mouse button click.
  • Typing

For most of us using eyes for a tablet tracking is more a funny trick that we may never use on a daily basis. But for those people who are paralyzed or have other disabilities that make it hard for them to use their hands – it’s a revolutionary solution.

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