Lumia OIS Benefits Shown in Lumia 925 Commercial

The latest Nokia Lumia 925 commercial will definitely attract those party animals that are hanging out till the early morning and then can hardly recollect what was going on last night.

Remember the time when you were taking pictures in the dark but could hardly see any silhouettes on them? Now you will never face this issue with the latest Lumia phones. Owing to the Lumia OIS (optical image stabilization) feature in the latest Nokia flagship phones you can take high quality pictures even in the full dark.

In the Lumia 925 commercial below you can see two young men partying out all night long, drinking a lot and taking dozens of pictures at night. And what happened to them the next morning? Bingo! That can’t recollect anything. With nothing seen in the photo viewer, the commercial ends saying “”Well… I can’t see anything… Last night sucked.” Though, if they used the latest Nokia flagship phones with Lumia OIS feature (especially the Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel phone camera) that wouldn’t have happened.

Watch the latest Lumia 925 Commercial in the video below

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