New Lumia 1020 Commercial Pokes iOS and Android, Shows Off 41 MP Camera

Here we go. Nokia is launching its latest Lumia 1020 commercial which resembles a theatrical performance, not a common TV ad. Nokia is not afraid to punch at Android and iPhone owing to its powerful 41 MP camera in the Lumia 1020.

In the Lumia 1020 commercial below you may see how a crowd of people is trying to take pictures with iPhones, iPads and other modern gadgets at kids’s play, but they can hardly capture the moment. Unlike a couple that is sitting in the back and has no need to get closer to the stage for taking pictures of their bellowed child. They’ve already got a high quality photo taken with the yellow Lumia 1020.

So, what does this commercial teach us? Choose Lumia 1020 41 MP camera phone and you’ll never be a part of a mindless horde that is trying to take dozens of photos but can’t capture the moment.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Commercial

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