Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Smartphones are known for not having high-end specs and latest software updates, the only other choice people had was to buy an iPhone. But now the situation might have just turned around with the new Droid Incredible 4G LTE. This is an HTC phone that is brought by Verizon Wireless for only $150 under a two year contract. The third in the series for Incredible, it is the new iteration of the Incredible 2 which came out last year. It comes with a 4-inch display which is slightly larger than the iPhone, but it is still quite comfortable to hold. 

The Incredible has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, which has high-end games like Backstab designed for it, and yet it also provides classic game play for Minecraft. The Incredible also promises talk time of about 9 hours, phones with bigger screen take more power therefore have a shorter battery life. Apart from the excellent processor the Incredible also runs on Android 4.0 which is way smoother than the earlier versions of Android, and as expected it has HTC’s Sense interface which is based on the TouchFLO 3D design. This gives the phone a cool menu layout with a lock feature that allows you to get to your shortcuts quickly. 

HTC did not do much to improve the phone’s 8 megapixels camera, unlike the one on the One X and the Evo this one takes too long to load because it does not have an ImageChip processor. But in general it is fast on the shuttle and it takes good photos. The Incredible’s design is not necessarily luxurious, its exterior is as if it’s any other low priced old phone, and it is relatively bulky compared to most phones that are being designed recently. However, it does have a couple of pros. Of all the recent HTC phones it has a search button, instead of the home button it has one for multitasking, which is a very necessary feature in Android phones. It has about 8GB of storage space, but apps are limited to only 1 GB of that, which is rather inconvenient for some people. For $150 people should sense that the price is too low for it to be very excellent,  howeverit holds up well as a cheaper alternative for high-end Smartphones.

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