iPhone vs Nexus 4 Which One is Cheaper

Last fall, Google exploded mobile market with its Nexus 4. The brand new smartphone showed pretty impressive characteristics and qualities. Since that time iPhone vs Nexus 4 was the most spectacular fight in the technological world. One of the main issues was about price of these devices.

Well, the new Nexus 4 settled this dispute. The 8GB model costs $200 and 16GB is a little bit more expensive $250. To compare, last year these models cost $100 more. For such smartphone these prices are quite cheap. All latest Google Nexus phones are operating under Android system.

It is expected that pretty soon Google Nexus phones model range will be extended with Nexus 5, so you may wait till release date and save some money. In any case, the current model is good according to all specifications, it features modern design, one of the best screens and fast OS. However, there is one hang-up: the smartphone cant connect to LTE networks. Even Nexus 4 price drop can`t make  the phone as popular as the Phone 5, Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but if you don’t need LTE, you have nothing to worry about.

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