Nearly 9 million KT Customers Got Their Data Hacked

One of the largest wireless telecommunication service provider in Asia market KT was seriously infringed by two attackers. According to the numerous sources in the web almost 8.7 million cell phone customers were damaged as the hackers stole their personal information.

The first bells about the violation were in the beginning of July when KT informed the police in South Korea. The company found the footprint of violation and it said that the data was gathering for the last 5 months. The officials from KT say that it was quite a long and difficult process to develop the special system that could identify and track the hackers’ footsteps. It took almost 7 months for adjusting the process as the attackers were highly skilled. The spokesman from the mobile carrier informs that after the accident the corporation decided to secure its internal policy better and that will be helpful and effective for securing the customers’ personal data which is very important  to keep the reputation and support for the users.

Two hackers got $877,000 from breaking the scheme and selling the program while other mobile operators were getting the details from the customers’ personal information to switch them into their services. One of the attackers was ex KT employee and he created the scheme which copied the names of customers, their phone numbers and other personal data without their permission. The official statement of KT contains an apology before the customers for not enough securing measures and promises to take some serious measures to fix that.

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