Kindle Fire HD to Compite with iPad

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, unveiled a new line of their products, including the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire HD.

Considering the Kindle e-reader, Paperwhite, it has 62% pixels than the previous model and an impressive front-lit technology. However, the Kindle Fire HD took the advantages of the presentation with its improved features such as better vibrant screen that will ameliorate movie-watching experience. Thanks to its 20% faster chip the new devices work much faster than previous models. It also has a bigger 8.9-inch HD screen with 1200 x 1920 resolution display. The audio system of the devices also underwent some special-designed improvements, having Dolby Digital Plus for dual stereo speakers.

Most analysts consider that the new Amazon products bring the company closer in competition with Apple and its iPad and the significant difference is the price of the mobile devices. For comparison, Kindle Fire HD costs $549 while iPad 2 will cost you $959, thus the $400 savings difference could be an essential fact for customers to shift their preferences.

However, does it mean a serious threat for e-book readers? Is it possible that in future the customers will prefer one device for everything instead of buying different devices? Devin Coldewey, a tech writer, considers that e-book readers still are in favor because they are focused on one form and purpose, but depending on market demands they start having an incredibly narrow definition.

Nevertheless, Amazon provides consumers with a wide choice and acceptable prices, which means the opportunity for the consumers to decide whether they need a reader or a multitask device. It looks like a need to choose between discipline and convenience, and the retail giant provides its customers with both options. Moreover, when it comes to the discipline Amazon seems sensitive to such things, adding a function that allows parents to monitor the time their children spend on multiple media sites listening to music or watching the video, pretending they are reading. 

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  • Artman

    Crazy questing but what bout the playbook

  • mdriftmeyer

    It is like comparing a 5 lac car to a 10 lac car.

  • i am monkey

    why it always has to be about the iPhone or the iPad, i mean i as a consumer should have choices, as a phone i don’t think there is much difference between the iPhone and rest of the top brigade, same is the case with the tablet industry, I mean let say iPad is miles ahead but yaar every individual has its different need, and frankly i feel the whole ‘i’ thing is just a lot of hype that lets them sell their stuff at inflated prices

  • Menno

    Agree playbook should have been on this list. It is a great device. Not being in the US I couldn’t get a Kindle anyway, and I’ve never heard of the nook..