Amazon Kindle Fire Enters the European Market

The retail giant, Amazon, has recently announced that its new products are available outside of the U.S. The company launched a number of new tablets like Kindle Fire and the HD version as well as the new Kindle e-reader. It means Amazon is getting ready to step into the global market with its devices, presenting the competitive price points it can affect the market balance where the Apple’s iPad is the leader. The Android-based tablets are not so successful on the market, for example, last year more than two dozen tablets were launched, but they didn’t see a ready market.

The new Kindle Fire is fitted with a 20% faster processor, 16 GB memory card and provides customers with better movies and TV shows watching experience, can be used for book-reading, listening to the music, playing games and web-surfing. It will cost £129 (or US$ 200), while the 7-inch HD model with 16 GB will cost £159 ($253) and £199 for the 32GB version. The Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has faster Wi-Fi, two stereo-speakers with Dolby Digital Plus system, enhanced processor performance and graphic engine for best HD experience on a lightweight tablet. The new Kindle e-book reader will cost only £69 ($109). All devices are available now on pre-order.

The news that Amazon will launch their tablets outside the United States came after the company released some details about its retail operations in the United Kingdom. Amazon will be partnering with the huge supermarket chain “Tesco” and a British book retailer Waterstones. Moreover, it is planning to carry the Kindle Fire on the App Store in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Probably sooner or later the number of countries will increase. 

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  • Frivolity

    Just posting to make a sneary comment and point out that by owning an Ipad I am both better than an android user and that I have an enormous appendage.

  • DJRumpy

    Really? I just threw out all my apple devices after the recent US court ruling and I gained three inches/46 IQ points over night!!

    So there

  • Marcus

    Yeah man, Apple are like, totally square now.

  • Blackcat

    until Apple sues Amazon too.

  • Fellowship

    Its all right for you guys, in the UK we still haven’t access to the standard Kindle fire I am not buying anything till I have seen the fire. Really pissed of at Amazon. Maybe will waite for the Surface!

  • AKeesypeclek