Amazon Preparing New Tablets, Reuters Reported

According to the interview for Reuters agency issued on Monday, July 23, Amazon is about to launch several more new devices. As Demos Parneros, president of the U.S. retail for Staples, said in that interview Amazon now developing about six new tablets with various sizes each and will include a 10-inch tablet. The date of the presentment wasn’t given by Parneros.

The new Amazon tablets launching is one of the most anticipated events this year. On June there were rumors that the next generation of Kindle-Fire with 7-inch screen could be issued the next month or that the new 10-inch device will be launched in several months.

Nevertheless there were no reports from Amazon about developing new devices. For a few recent months the Amazon’s most important product Kindle Fire experienced reducing sales and the developing of the new line of devices seemed to be inescapable. Therefore the news about company’s working on five or six more tablets was acclaimed enthusiastically.

Another Reuters report says that Amazon has recently started developing a smartphone line. Such implications followed the information on Amazon’s research and design center in Silicon Valley recently almost doubled its staff.

Founder of Ammunition, a product design company Robert Brunner shared his opinion on this. As long as he knows Jeff Bezzos of Amazon, the company could pay attention to the sector of smartphones. As in the case of tablets, the Amazon still has not revealed its prospects on this question.

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