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Barnes&Noble Slashes Tablet Price

The 7-inch Nook colour and Nook Tablet designed and developed by Barnes and Noble have been experiencing a lot of competition from other brands as of recently, and so the company decided to lower the prices of their Nook collection. This was also inspired by Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 came at low prices and took over Nook’s market. 

Which Is Better, the Future Kindle Fire Or the Present Nexus 7?

When Google introduced its low priced tablet it was no doubt a well received gadget. However, there are two other cheap tablets on the market as well. Since Nook tablet and Amazon's Kindle Fire are all the same price we will try to figure out which one gives you the most for your $199....

Amazon Preparing New Tablets, Reuters Reported

According to the interview for Reuters agency issued on Monday, July 23, Amazon is about to launch several more new devices. As Demos Parneros, president of the U.S. retail for Staples, said in that interview Amazon now developing about six new tablets with various sizes each and will include a 10-inch tablet. The date of the presentment wasn’t given by 

Three Kindle Fire 2 Versions Expected Later This Year

A number of new Kindle Fire 2 tablets are expected to hit the store shelves later this year or at least be announced later this year according to the NPD DispaySearch. The new releases is only going to increase pressure on the new the Nexus 7 and the iPad3...

Amazon: a New Competitor in Platform Wars

The new smartphone by Amazon might be released as soon as next week. This information was announced yesterday in Reuters citing Staples’ president Demos Parneros saying the company presents 5 or 6 possible skus for the new device. And there are still rumors about launching 10-inch Kindle Fire that is expected to become a great competitor to Apple’ iPad. Amazon