Basic HTC One Features

Users of HTC One who want to unlock the bootloader of the device so as to install custom versions of Android are warned that such action would result to the wiping away of some of the applications installed in the device and also cause an impediment in their future installation in the device. A testing conducted by MoDaCo on the unlocking of the bootlander reveals that some section of the device operating system would be wiped away. The data partition which handles the calculator, flashlight, ringtone trimmer and sound recorder application is affected. The uninstalling the bootlander is the step required in order to install third party applications to the device. The danger of it is that once these applications are permanently removed from the device, they cannot be reinstalled.

However, the problem with unlocking the bootlander is not only that the calculator, flashlight, ringtone trimmer and sound recorder application are removed from the device. These four applications can be reinstalled to the device through Google Play market. However, when the bootlander is unlocked, every future software released for HTC One cannot be installed into the device.

Of course, you may end up reinstalling the bootlander but it will still not give way for the system to install future software updates and thus you will not benefit from the HTC One features released. In other words, once you unlock the bootlander of your HTC One device, you will be referred to using unofficial software in your HTC One device forever or at least until a full version of its operating system Read Only Memory is released. This may then give you the ability to restore your system to its original factory setting.

Device rooting is possible in most Smartphone devices and it can be done without unlocking of the bootlander but this is impossible in HTC One at least for the mean time. Those who prefer to fiddle should simply avoid the HTC One handset.

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