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Google Hopes Its X-Phone Will Help to Fight Samsung

Google’s Motorola unit is on the verge of creating a promising mobile device dubbed X-phone which should take on Samsung’s handsets....

Privacy Concerns as Pagers are Replaced by the Mobile Phones in Hospitals

Mobile phone use in hospitals by both residents and physicians to ‘page’ colleagues may lead to new privacy concerns....

Nokia Incurred Losses Again

On the 18th of October the former world’s most popular mobile producer Nokia declared its Q3 financial results. It was reported that the company incurred losses of 754 million dollars. Net sales for this quarter amounted to 9.49 billion dollars. Nokia made a statement that the sales of its Lumia line of Windows Phone 7-based smartphones declined to 2.9 million 

HTC HD7 Featuring Windows Phone 7

HTC's new handset will run Windows Phone 7 OS. It will face competitors like Apple’s iPhone that dominates the market at the present moment. However there is plenty of hope for this particular phone because it was well designed....

Steve Jobs Might Not Be Happy with the iPhone

Even though the designing team from Apple and the many restless fans who are very much exited about the launch of the iPhone 5, one writer said that Steve might not feel the same....

Parse Adds Cloud Code to its Services

Mobile apps development firm Parse announced that it would be adding Cloud Code to the services that it offers. Parse is responsible for taking care of all technical, nitty gritty problems that mobile servers have so that they can put most of their focus on other issues like user experience and design. In other words developers can easily outsource the backend to the Y Combinator start-up, and also use its software development 

Brightstar Is Finally Bought after 5 Year’s Deal

On July 11 after 5 years of a joint enterprise and cooperation work Brightstar Corporation was purchased by Tech Data for around £106.4 million. Two companies have been working together with a main target to develop and increase the influence and importance of the IT distributor Tech Data on the European market....
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