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Review on ZTE Blade 3

ZTE has recently introduced its Blade 3 Smartphone at a bargain cost. This device is prescribed as the successor to their previous introduction called ZTE Kis, which has won the budget buy award. ZTE Blade 3 is notified as an inexpensive device because, it will be available on virgin prepay for £30. The device also has a great look and 

Gmail for Android 4.0, Updated!

The importance of electronic mail in our daily life can never be dispute. Indeed, the world has become paper-less with the advent of e-mails, effectively throwing to oblivion the traditional tangible mails. The leading providers of electronic mail services are Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and iCloud Mail. However, its counterparts are yet to topple down the 

Google Now – Another Response to Siri

There has been numerous reviews over the Internet with comparisons between Samsung S Voice and Apple Siri. For those not concerned much with the topic – these are the voice assistants that can be installed on certain operation systems. Samsung S Voice is the Siri-based version only available for the owners of Samsung phones whose operating system is Android 4.0. ...

Galaxy Chat for International Markets

The one thing about Samsung Galaxy Chat which becomes instantly obvious it the fact that it has a somewhat uncommon design, which runs on Android 4.0 and includes a rather comfortable QWERTY keyboard right below a 3 inch display. Presently the official announcement has not mentioned the speed of the processor or the manufacturer, and refuses to inform people about 

Sprint has Disclosed Its Ice Cream Sandwich

Many customers want Sprint to cheer them up with good news and they’ve finally met this objective. So Sprint has already revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is going to get Android 4.0 update soon....