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Nokia Lumia 900 Suffers from Bad Timing

After launching the new flagship Lumia 900 smartpfone, Nokia has also cut the price twice for it really quickly. And that caused some worries among the experts that now are not so sure if the device worth to be purchased....

Nokia Lumia 900 Gets its Price Slashed

Mobile users can be really shocked with the latest news from the mobile devices market – Nokia is cutting the price to one of the latest innovated models Nokia Lumia 900 by half. The cost of the modified device will become $49.99 in comparison with $99 before the company’s price decrease, according to the international news agency Reuters. The company’s 

The End of Lame Ads from Nokia

Probably one of the best things to have happened from Nokia’s huge shakeup was the end to its bad advertising throughout the Smartphone’s beta test campaign for their Lumina 900. Back in April regardless of what channel you turned to you would see the Lumia 900 being advertised.  ...

Nokia’s Story of Mistakes

A present Nokia SEO Stephen Elop is in the hard position. Everyone knows that he fell heir to a problematic company, but no one might feel sorry for him if Nokia Lumia 900 fails. If the project does not succeed, 10.000 positions will be cut (which is almost 10 percent of all the company’s human resources) and all managers will 

Nokia Lumia 900: a Mobile Fiasco?

According to the latest reviews the Finnish company is not doing very good; even price cut for the flagman Lumia 900 couldn’t prevent the company’s sales from falling. The high quality Windows Phone is now available for only $50 with a contract for 2 years. It is noteworthy that Lumia 900 was launched about 3 months ago and now the price