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Basic HTC One Features

Users of HTC One who want to unlock the bootloader of the device so as to install custom versions of Android are warned that such action would result to the wiping away of some of the applications installed in the device and also cause an impediment in their future installation in the device. A testing conducted by MoDaCo on the 

Asus Releases Another Padfone Station, Amazes with Hybrid

The first Asus Padfone station was a creepy device with an awful design and user experience; however, Asus has done a lot of work to improve the concept of smartphone/tablet hybrid. The new Asus Padfone 2 is a decent device, but its originality can still awe most users away. The Padfone 2 is a symbiotic device that gives you a 

LG Reveals Its New Flagship – LG Optimus G Pro

MWC continues to amaze the audience with impressive devices. This time Korean hi-tech giant LG has made an appeal to the public. It has revealed a new flagship of the company – LG Optimus G Pro. This huge handset is one more example of how smartphones are getting bigger and bigger bridging the gap between phone and tablet....

Review of Caterpillar Cat B15

There is some good news for the clumsy people of the world. Another super tough phone is going to hit the markets which would be capable of withstanding frequent drops and even immersions. While its tough exterior could not really be tested in the Mobile World Congress where it is currently displayed the phone with its metallic and rubber finish 

Review of Sony Xperia Z

Sony has made numerous forays in the smartphone market, but none of the phones packed quite as much punch as the new Sony Xperia Z. The 5 inch display handset is definitely huge, just shy of a tablet dimensions. However, despite the huge size it does not weigh too much at 149g....

LG Optimus G2 Will Probably Feature Odin Eight-Core Chip

LG has already confirmed that it’s currently working on a high-end handset as well as tablet chip specially developed to take on the Exynos 5 Octa processor from its competitor Samsung. The new chip is expected to be found in the upcoming cell phone, Optimus G2. By the way Samsung hasn’t confirmed rumors that its cutting edge eight-core Exynos 5 

Phones to Look Out for in

Mobile World Congress is going to kick off in Barcelona on the 25th of February. On the eve of the big event there were a few phones that really made a big impact on us. Here is a list of some of the A listers that you can expect this season....
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