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Motorola’s Answer to the $99 iPhone 4S: the RAZR M LTE

There have been a lot of changes in the mobile market recently; Nokia announced their new phone responding to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. Motorola also released the new version of the RAZR, directed at Apple’s phones as well. Motorola 4.3-inch RAZR M LTE was released during a media gala, which Motorola held in the beginning of September. Just when the phone was 

Make Money with Mobile Apps

In case you need to make your mobile app work and bring you a substantial monetization, read the following advices that are necessary and acting for your creation....

$1.3tn in Mobile Payments in 5 Years?

Mobile market has been expanding and developing recently and bringing companies substantial revenues. The recent studies show that the growth in the mobile market place might reach an all-time top. So the experts expect the mobile payment to grow and the figures might quadruple to $1.3tn (829bn) in just 5 years by 2017. Such changes can be explained by the income 

Why Does Windows Lag Behind in Mobile Market?

Windows Phone introduced in 2010 has so far been quite a modest success. One of the world’s most acclaimed software company Microsoft announced in 2009 that Windows Mobile platform had 20 percent of U.S. smartphone market. Even though having a great history with mobile, today Microsoft Phone has as little as 2 percent market share. By comparison, Google’s Android reached