Review on ZTE Blade 3

ZTE has recently introduced its Blade 3 Smartphone at a bargain cost. This device is prescribed as the successor to their previous introduction called ZTE Kis, which has won the budget buy award. ZTE Blade 3 is notified as an inexpensive device because, it will be available on virgin prepay for £30. The device also has a great look and the chrome screen surrounding it looks classy and not cheesy.  Also, the equipment has a textured rubber rear that offers a better look.

The device runs Android 4.0 and the Virgin version of the model is more customized, rather than extending much further than custom home screen icons and widgets. The on-board storage of 4GB and out of this 2.5 GB is free and the users are offered with the liberty to further expand the memory of the device as it has a MicroSD card slot. This relieves the user on the worry about space for the application. When the equipment was compared to budget phones with dual-core processors like a Sony Xperia U, ZTE Blade 3 is slower and this was checked via the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark. On the other hand, it was faster as compared to ZTE Kis.

ZTE Blade 3 has 800X480 screen and the screen resolution was fine as it is a budget model. The icons pertaining to the OS are punchy, but the angles of viewing are less narrow. This model also has a three megapixel camera and it is believed that the picture quality captured will be better as compared to Kis model. ZTE Blade 3 has a one Giga hertz single-core processor. When trying to flicker between the screens in the application tray, it was not swift as a powerful phone, whose applications open soft.

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3 Responses to "Review on ZTE Blade 3"

  1. Leonard says:

    I bought this phone to tie me over for a bit and as a cheap pay as you go phone I pretty much agree with the review, very good for the price. If you are looking for a contract phone at the lower end perhaps consider the Galaxy Ace 2 instead which is a dual core phone and will be less laggy. I like the plain Ice Cream Sandwich on this device

  2. gmcalpin says:

    My Blade 3 has sound problems during calls. There are short high frequency noises. It hurts my ears every time I talk for 5 minutes or more. I guess I will find out if ZTE customer service is any good, since I am returning my Blade 3. I hope they can fix it, because it has a good screen and android seems to work okej as long as you don’t run too many apps at the same time. Sound level is too low though, except for the noises that are ear damaging high.

  3. Krassy says:

    Let me tell you about ZTE in USA. They are notorious for failing very quickly after purchasing and activating. ZTE will make you pay to ship the device to them and then they will leave you without a phone for 3 weeks. And when you get the phone back, you might find it still broken like I did. And you might find other new erratic behaviors that had not manifested themselves prior to their attempts to repair. And once you get it back in the same broken condition, forget about the idea of getting a new replacement. They will only tell you that they are not authorized by the cell phone carrier to give away new phones. UNLESS YOU HAVE THE TIME TO EMBARK ON A NEGATIVE ATE CAMPAIGN FOR TWO WEEKS OF SOLID POSTING. Then they will begin to take you serious and want to work with you.

    I found ZTE to be a seriously dishonest company that make cheap garbage and banks on the consumers not fighting back as I did.


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