Google Hopes Its X-Phone Will Help to Fight Samsung

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s Motorola unit is currently working on a promising handset dubbed X-phone and this cutting-edge device should take on Apple’s honored smartphones.  

However, Dennis Woodside, Motorola CEO denies that the X-phone is a real threat for Samsung, so the company keeps on concealing its goals regarding this smartphone.   

Last year Samsung made vigorous attempts to become the leader in the Android market, so it increased its onslaught on Motorola, LG and HTC.

No one denies that Samsung dares to threaten Google’s dominance in the global market especially considering that this South Korean company has created its own Bada operating system. To say the truth the given operating system has faced limited success outside Asia.

Obviously, Samsung will keep on looking for a powerful leverage to be applied over Android. Of course, making its own forked variant of the operating system would be a perfect variant in this case.

Samsung has seized almost 50% of Android market share and it’s a good result for the company taking into account that Android is currently holding up to 50% of the world smartphone market.

Google’s upcoming X-Phone is believed to have a slew of decent features but unfortunately some hardware issues haven’t been tackled yet, so Google isn’t ready to kick Samsung out of the handset niche.    

It feels like developers of smartphones aren’t able to create something revolutionary new except large displays and minor improvements. Perhaps, Google with Motorola will be able to make an extraordinary device which could shake up the global market.


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