The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Some Accessories

Sansung has released a list of official mobile accessories which will be available for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The top-tech handset is to be released in the U.K. on April 27. However, there are some who want to get their accessories early. The list of official Samsung accessories mostly consists ofprotecting smartphone. Even though the Gorilla Glass front of the handset is damage-resistant, most users would still want to keep the expensive smartphone safe.

Samsung will be offering Flip Cover, which is the combination of snap-on back and a front cover. The standard back of the device will be removed for the Flip Cover to be installed. The accessory will be available in different colors: White Frost, Black Mist, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Pink.

There is also the altered variant of the Flip Cover – the S View Flip Cover, which allows the users to have glance at the smartphone’s display without having to flip up the front cover. The S View Flip Cover has clear window at the top of the cover so that viewing the time, date, battery status, and details on messages and calls can be available at all times. When the cover is up, the auto-wake system turns the handset on with no need to swipe fingers if no password or security pattern is set.

For budget-level decisions on accessories there is the Protective Cover+. This one snaps onto the back and sides of Samsung Galaxy S4. This cover will be released in White, Green, Navy, Pink, and blue. Due to leaving the original battery cover on place, the Protective Cover+ adds some bulk to the device.

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