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Asus Announced PadFone Infinity during a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Asus PadFone Infinity release was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the previous month....

New Asus PadFone Infinity to Appear in Taiwan

It was announced at the Mobile World Congress event that took place in Barcelona in February that the Asus PadFone Infinity would be placed on sale in the near future. Thus, the device will finally appear in the shops in Taiwan, which is a native country of the producer....

Review of Caterpillar Cat B15

There is some good news for the clumsy people of the world. Another super tough phone is going to hit the markets which would be capable of withstanding frequent drops and even immersions. While its tough exterior could not really be tested in the Mobile World Congress where it is currently displayed the phone with its metallic and rubber finish 

Review of Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 is the new phone by the Finnish mobile maker that has been unveiled in the Mobile World Congress . The phone can easily be mistaken for a Nokia Lumia 820, unless of course somebody looks at the price tag. It is definitely a lot cheaper than its predecessor. Having said that the reduced costs imply that there 

Phones to Look Out for in

Mobile World Congress is going to kick off in Barcelona on the 25th of February. On the eve of the big event there were a few phones that really made a big impact on us. Here is a list of some of the A listers that you can expect this season....