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HTC One SV: Fairly Good

Even though HTC One SV continues the ‘One’ family breed of , succeeding the ‘X’, ‘S’, and ‘V’, it is unclear whether it is actually a variant of any of those models. It could be a refreshed iteration of HTC’s Desire S as well. The key feature of this Android smartphone is the 4G support, that hints that HTC One 

HTC One SV First Look

HTC smartphone is the best choice for those who search for quality and functionality. These devices have always been among the most reliable and modern handsets, and the latest model, One SV, is also no exception....

HTC One SV: New Mid-Class HTC Smartphone

HTC gathered its efforts with Optus to release new One SV, a medium-range affordable smartphone supporting 4G standard. The One SV has a somewhat lower-grade package if compared to the One X or to the One XL. It is not equipped with quad core processor or high-resolution screen, which is 4.3inch and 800x480px, compared to 720p on the One X 

HTC One SV Lands in the UK

The HTC One SV is now available in the UK, and with that it brings an affordable way of accessing fast Internet speeds. In addition, HTC has also brought another product – the HTC One XL. This Device is almost close to the general HTC design we are used to (like the Micro drilled speaker at the back and the