Adobe Photoshop on Smartphones

Adobe Photoshop is now available for smartphone users. The highly popular software for editing images and pictures Adobe Photoshop Touch is working with products manufactured by famous Apple and a number of latest Android smartphone devices. The program allows users to edit their photos right from their smartphone devices on small screens. Adobe Photoshop Touch contains a number of instruments like the main program for PCs that includes multiple selection tool, variety of layers, different filters and, of course, remedy for color change and adjustment.

So now, editing photos and getting exclusive high-quality ones becomes easier without spending a lot of time. At the same time, there are some limits for images’ resolution as the software that is available for smartphone devices works with up to 12 megapixels photos. That definitely comes as no surprise because the screen size in the mentioned devices is quite small compared with the tablet or PC’s ones.

As soon as a user downloads Adobe Photoshop Touch, he or she gets free access to Adobe Creative Cloud with the ability to store 2GB online. The cloud service also allows adding more space, but that requires payment. It should be mentioned that Adobe Photoshop has separated the two versions – the one for tablets, and the other for smartphones. So having one of them doesn’t mean that the program would be available everywhere. Thus, if you want to edit photos on your smartphone, it would cost £2.99, and to get the same for working on tablet would be £6.99. Adobe Photoshop Touch supports iOS 5 and higher and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

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