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Isis to Launch Its Mobile Payment Service

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile USA joined together to form Isis a mobile payment service that is set to launch a trial sometime in August. The release date is not official though that the August deadline is just information that was obtained from an observer who has inside connections. However there is a belief that the time of launch may be changed, the 

Mobile Payment Service LevelUp Steps Forward

Deutsche Telekom venture capital arm T-Venture has invested up to $9 million in Boston-based SCVNGR’s off-shoot, LevelUp – a payment service. It’s currently on the second round....

Deutsche Telekom and MasterCard Join Efforts for Improving Mobile Eayments

The parent company of the American T-Mobile a German carrier now wants a major piece of the current trend of mobile payments. Just yesterday MasterCard decided to join hands with Deutsche Telekom to offer mobile payments....