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Coming Soon – LG Optimus G (AT&T and Sprint)

The LG Optimus handsets are high-end Android smartphones that are fast, making good use of the Snapdragon S4 Pro, a quad-core processor featuring 1.5GHz CPU from Qualcomm, and 320 graphics from Adreno. Those two new devices that are scheduled for early November release are the LG-E970 (AT&T) and LG-LS970 (Sprint), both selling for about $199 (contract price). The LG-E970 will 

HTC: a Huge Incredible Droid

HTC has definitely found its niche in the smartphone production, where its excellent devices of extreme quality are really high demanded. The reputation of the company is such, that its customers can even suffer the names of the models getting bigger and bigger – possibly, a proportion between the gadget’s size and the name are obliged to be 1:1 when 

Qualcomm Gives its Snapdragon S4 to New Windows Phone

Qualcomm Corporation, famous for supplying central processing units to mobile devices of different kinds, has risen its reputation extremely high since the moment of the company’s foundation. The reputation of the firm appears to be flawless, as long as Qualcomm was chosen among many candidates to provide the CPU for the upcoming Windows phone – a gadget long waited for.