TaxiBeat Introduces Its Taxi App in Paris

TaxiBeat is a groundbreaking taxi application that allows users not just to hail taxi but to surf a taxi driver marketplace where passengers and drivers can communicate their ideas and, as a result, enhance the service. TaxiBeat is a Greek startup founded by Nick Brandakis, Nick Damilakis, Kostis Sakkas, and Michael Sfictos. It launched its taxi app in Athens, Greece in May 2011. In addition to that, the app is also available in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Oslo, Norway, and in Bucharest, Romania. Recently, the company has launched its super-handy app in Paris.

TaxiBeat has chosen the right time to launch its taxi service. The LeWeb conference is to open soon, and TaxiBeat hopes to help a bunch of geeks move about the City of Light. By launching the app, TaxiBeat continued its aggressive roll-out all over the world. Currently, TaxiBeat app is available on Android and iOS devices. It is very useful as allows the users not only find nearby taxis but also choose the best drivers and rate them after the ride. The app’s functionality is abundant. It targets not only drivers of registered taxi firms but also independent taxi drivers. As a result, any person who wants to find a taxi in the nearby area can run the app and choose the driver by a bunch of categories and user ratings. For example, one can look for a pet-friendly driver or for a taxi with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The good news is that neither taxi drivers not passengers pay anything for using the service. Instead, TaxiBeat charges a small sum on the business in general. All in all, the features of TaxiBeat allow the app to bring the best quality to the passengers and taxi drivers. The drivers should compete on the service to get more passengers. Thanks to the taxi driver marketplace, any passenger can be sure that he/she will have a comfortable ride. According to Alexandra Sigala, marketing director of TaxiBeat, the first cities that started to use the app saw an increase in quality as the drivers push the envelope to satisfy the passengers. It is the marketplace that makes TaxiBeat so different from other taxi apps, such as Uber, Hailo, Mytaxi, and Gettaxi.

TaxiBeat comes as a revolutionary taxi service, Sigala says. It skips the phone-call to the operator but lets user choose what he/she wants. The dynamic of the market has shown that TaxiBeat is very competitive, and it has already raised one million euro in funds. It plans to raise funds up to 4-5 million euro. Meanwhile, the company has offered free rides for the LeWeb attendees in Paris. It is to note that the passenger will have to compensate the difference if the ride costs more than 15 euro.

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