LearnVest Available in App Store Now

Accessing your finances on the go is something what most people desperately need and LearnVest has provided this opportunity with their new application available in the App Store now. It allows doing lots of things just with the help of your phone, or any other device, which is handy at the moment. Checking budget, setting goals, tracking transactions and things like that are getting easier now, when LearnVest is always with you.

The mobile app is protected by a PIN code, so it will protect your finances from intruders. It is also designed not only for people that had some certain experience with this program before, but for everyone else as well. The beginners can start from finding their bank and registering their accounts in the system. After that most of the information will be simply borrowed from the information of your bank account. 

There are two buttons that appear every time the application is launched. “Smart Budget” and “Money Center” which help you track all the transaction and create the strategy of categorizing what you are spending your money on. It surely helps to economize spending. Goal-setting is something that is also going to help to understand the dynamics of spending and suggest the goal instead to keep it up to you.

LearnVest reports that they have helped more than one million customers previous year. It seems that LearnVest is competing with personal financial services, for instance, Mint, though does not monetize individual information to recommend this or that product based on that. It is all just about saving money and creating the best paths and plans of how to do that in the future. 

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  1. macologist says:

    Enough room in the industry for a few players, so don’t see it as a toss up against mint. I think where they are heading with financial advice and bootcamps is hugely valuable. Users who need the app are people looking to solve a pain that goes beyond an organizational tool. Seeing where and how you spend is only the first step in changing that.


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