Review of the Blackberry Z10

New Blackberry Z10 is the first phone to be officially launched with the new Blackberry 10 operating system. This is RIM’s final attempt to get back into the Smartphone race which has so far been dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. The new phone definitely forms a great launching pad for the new operating system with its stylishly sleek look and cutting edge technology.

Blackberry Z10 has a 4.2 inch touchscreen which is neither as small as the iPhone’s nor as unwieldy and big as the Samsung Galaxy. This phone takes the middle ground packing quite a punch with its 1280*768p resolution and 356 DPI image density. The design is pretty elegant, but it does not make the phone stand apart from the rest of its competitors. Blackberry 10 is a pretty intuitive system with emphasis on multitasking. There are no physical or even touch buttons in the new phone apart from the standard on/off and volume control buttons.

The new operating system makes it possible to perform all the activities with gestures and swipes. This can be a little confusing at first, but tends to get easier after you have spent some time with the handset. Another put off (if we may call it so) is the way the automatic screen changes before an app is opened on a new screen. These are teething problems with the new operating system which should be taken care of soon. The phone sports an 8 mp camera that is mounted at the back on the upper left corner. The camera can come out with disappointing pictures when used in low artificial light.

In general, Blackberry Z10 is a good phone apart from a rather dull display that lacks in both brightness and contrast.

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