Review of the Blackberry Q10

Blackberry has come up with two new phones. One is a completely touch screen model named Blackberry Z10, while the other is a keyboard cum touch screen model, both phones have the new Blackberry 10 OS. These new devices are the company’s last ditch attempts to get back into the mobile market which has been largely usurped by Apple and Samsung.

The new Blackberry Q10 is expected to reach the markets in April. The phone has a usual Blackberry look with all blacks and silver taking precedence. The back has a woven glass design that looks similar to carbon fiber. Despite the predictable design that lacks oomph of the colorful new smartphones like the Lumia 920 the new Q10 manages to look pretty classy with its glass screen, chrome trim and soft touch plastics.

The keyboard is another strong feature of the handset as each key has been beautifully crafted to ensure quick and easy typing. The 3.1 inch touch screen above the keyboard is square in shape and is the largest touch screen that the company has installed on any of its keyboard equipped handsets till date. The screen has a 720*720 pixels LCD display which is good enough for most purposes, but does lag behind several other Smartphones including Blackberry’s Z10.

The new Blackberry 10 Operating System really sets this phone apart from the rest. The OS has been designed specifically to aid multitasking; the main screen is divided into three parts. To the left is the panel which has all the emails, messages and the works of the phone. The central panel is a multitasking panel where all the apps open up. The right panel has the various apps available. There are no buttons here, so most of the work gets done through gestures. This can be a little confusing to begin with and unless someone is able to spend some time understanding the tutorials provided before they start using the phone.

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