Free Headphones for the First 1000 Customers Pre-Ordering Sony Xperia Z

It has been confirmed now! The first 1000 customers pre-ordering Sony’s flagship handset would be given a free set of MD1 headphones costing £299. Sony has reiterated that the offer is not only for the Three customers, but for anybody preordering the phone which is about to go live on the 28th of February.

The phone has already made a debut at the CES in Las Vegas where it was received warmly thanks to its better camera, an awesome display and a waterproof case. The phone boasts of a 13 mp rear camera that has Sony’s Exmor RS sensor to click stills; it can sweep panoramas, has HDR video features and is capable of 10 short bursts. Such an extensive array of characteristics can be hardly found in any other higher end smartphone.

The phone would also have an integrated NFC which should take off in . Sony is planning ahead and is currently working on NFC enabled speakers, headphones and a Smart TV remote as well. All these features combine to take the new Sony Xperia Z ahead than its rivals. The phone has a 5 inch display which can simply take your breath away and seamless operations are possible thanks to the quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor that runs at 1.5 GHz. The phone provides 16 GB of internal storage and has a 2GB RAM.

Three networks have pioneered the pricing for the phone, the black and white models of which are available in installments as well. A down payment of £69 and regular monthly installments of £36 can get you the Sony flagship phone. The networking company is offering 500 minutes, 5000 messages and unlimited data on the phone. It is also possible to buy the phone with onetime payment of £450 or a SIM-free option available for £522.

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2 Responses to "Free Headphones for the First 1000 Customers Pre-Ordering Sony Xperia Z"

  1. kupan787 says:

    That’s a fantastic and fairly unique selling point that could have had a similar impact to Samsung bundling the wacom stylus, but as it is, they’re just giving away another pair of headphones without demoing any new technology. Missed opportunity.

  2. Altivec_2.0 says:

    The phone look awesome. However, I love the new Blackberry Z10 too and I am not decided so far.


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