Mozilla and Telefónica Prep a New OS to Beat Android

The Spanish mobile network provider Telefónica is actively working on the development of the operating system by Firefox Mobile as the company wants to create a good alternative to Android. This change can be really significant for the provider in the term of reducing reliance on Google’s OS. It is noteworthy that Telefónica started working on its own mobile operating system that would be based in the web about two years ago. After Mozilla announced they were creating the same type of OS, the two corporations decided to unite and combine their efforts and financial resources together. Since then the developing teams were working together on new unique OS for mobile. According to the CEO of Telefónica, right now the company is negotiating with three or four powerful well-known manufactures to create special devices for the coming operating system.

The mobile network provider informed recently it was expecting the possible devices to be produced within a year. The price for the future mobile phone should be less than $100 and it is planned to be released in Brazil firstly on the first quarter of . Telefónica officials hope that cooperation with Mozilla will bring the new operating system and reduce the over-dependence on Android. The new operating system can also help to expand the smartphones market in Latin America as there are only 10% of them in the mentioned area. The new mobile devices which will be running on the coming operating system by Mozilla will be cheaper and can get the same success as Android.

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