Sites Should be More Mobile-Friendly

A spokesperson for One World Hosting, Dave Getty said in an interview with the E-Commerce Times that at one point he went on a trip with his wife and forgot his laptop, which forced him to use his phone to surf the web. This experience led Dave and his wife to realise how important it is for websites to be mobile-friendly. He added that even though some sites are optimised for mobile platforms, most still remain unchanged. In fact the ones that are optimised are the ones that offer mobile apps, and those with location services, which although important are not the only thing mobile users need on the net. Dave and his associates from One World Hosting started working on ways to better the browsing experience from a mobile phone, results of this include This services has been offered by the company since sometime last year, it was also made very simple to use and also relatively cheap. 

It is important, especially for businesses and enterprises to have mobile-friendly sites. According to Dennis Mink chief marketing officer of DudaMobile, more than 50% of consumers in the U.S alone use Smartphones on a regular basis. He added that a large amount of these people browse the web using their gadgets, which makes in important for businesses to use this opportunity and optimise their sites. Because of the technological times, it is no surprise that most sites are designed for desktops and laptops, but times have now changed in the telecommunications world. In this era people are getting more interested in using mobile devices which are convenient but have smaller screens. This means that developers of business websites are also supposed top change with the market, they are supposed to make their sites accessible to users with smartphones as much as they are to those who use PCs and the likes.

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