Review of Caterpillar Cat B15

There is some good news for the clumsy people of the world. Another super tough phone is going to hit the markets which would be capable of withstanding frequent drops and even immersions. While its tough exterior could not really be tested in the Mobile World Congress where it is currently displayed the phone with its metallic and rubber finish sure looks capable of withstanding anything that you throw at it, literally.

Cat B15 is IP67 certified which essentially means that the phone is both water as well as dust proof within certain limits. The phone can allegedly live to tell the tale of its drop from a height of 1.8 metres which translates into an average man’s head height and can even be operated at -20C temperatures. Another great attraction is the fact that it can be used when wet which is great news for those living in ever wet London premises.

The phone has a very compact design which looks very similar to a standard Android phone, but has an added Otter box casing protecting it all the time. While this makes a tough it also ensures that the phone is no trinket. The handset measures 125×69.5×14.95mm and weighs 170g. An addition of anodized aluminum and rubber further ups the toughness quotient. This might be one of the toughest phones out there but it is definitely not the sleekest or classiest one.

There is a 5 megapixel rear camera for quick snaps. Once you are done admiring the tough exterior there is a lot of disappointment in store for you. The Cat B15 has extremely mediocre specs which leave a lot to be desired. It works on a standard Android Jelly Bean, but the experience is marred by the low grade 1GHz processor. A measly 51MB RAM further adds to the poor performance. The 4 inch display has a medieval 800x400resolution that really disappoints.

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