Tablets Suit Search Ads Best

Many investors are worried about the mobile ads that could never allot much profit, even those that are related to such strong companies as Google and Facebook. And really, there are some reasons to be concerned: nobody would like to see their small smartphone or tablet screens cluttered up with ads instead of what they really want to see. Speaking about its effectiveness, no advertisers will be able to check whether someone who saw the ads actually bought the product.

However, nowadays advertisers don’t seem to be very concerned about this. According to the new report of online ad management firm Marin Software, the success of search ads on mobile devices is beasting off, especially on tablets. The study showed some interesting points and most of them are positive for advertising account and search providers. Google presently owns 81% of all search ad spending revenue.

According to Marin Marketing VP Matt Lawson, the reason of such situation is that customers prefer to search ads using their mobile devices. For example, in the U.S. mobile devices attributed up to 18% of paid clicks in search system, while in the first quarter it was only 14%.

However, the better news for advertisers is that clicks from tablets are increasing. Advertisers pay for search ads on tablets 18% less than they have to pay for ads on a laptop or a desktop. Meanwhile ads on tablets bring 42% more clicks. Considering these two facts, it’s easy to assume how crazy advertisers are about ads on tablets. Matt Lawson thinks that this tendency will not last forever, because not so many marketers are making ads deliberately for tablets. Many companies, that have not many competing firms with the same keywords, have decided to give up on such ads.

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