LifeKraze Goes Android

On the 24th of January, LifeKraze, the social network that motivates people to live active lifestyles and share what they do, has become available on the Google Play store. According to LifeKraze CTO Michael Brooks Jr., the main goal of the social network is to bring some action in people’s behavior in social networks and real life. LifeKraze helps you understand your virtual personality, Brooks says, and analyze what you do on a daily basis.

The social network works simple: the user should post Twitter-like posts about daily activities and achievements. For example, the user can write about going for a jog, or taking a walk with his/her friends, etc. LifeKraze asks its users to share their activities with friends and followers to motivate and inspire them. In addition to that, each user is given 300 points to distribute among his/her friends and followers every day. This system allows users reward other users for their achievements. For example, if one gives the user 10 points, he/she thinks that the user has done a good job; 50 points mean that the user can be in love with that person. LifeKraze users can use these points in real life: the partners of the social network – North Face, prAna, and Men’s Health – give users real-life rewards.

LifeKraze sports a “high fives” liking structure. The users can also post and comment on posts of other users. However, LifeKraze is not about communication, it is about helping people become catalysts for other people. The idea is to help people do things they can be proud of. It is all about motivation. To note, the social network has been available on the Apple App Store since July . Olympic Athletes helped launch the app. Currently, Android users can also get inspired with the help of LifeKraze. The social network hopes to grow its base with the help of series released by trainer Dolvett Quince who tells the story of The Biggest Loser.

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