Expected Release Date, Features and Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The hybrid of the Smartphone and tablet was dubbed phablet. The first of its kind, the Samsung galaxy note overcame skepticism and sold exceptionally well. Soon after Samsung followed up on the first release with another; the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which was unveiled in August at the IFA show. The Galaxy Note 2 was also well received and still continues to sell considerably well. We now might see another successor before the first birthday of the Galaxy Note 2. Rumor has it that a new Galaxy Note is in the offing and release may be done before August this year.

  • Features

Samsung has for long been taunting consumers with flexible displays. This might eventually come true when Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 3. It is expected that the new ‘phablet’ will feature this display. The display will also be organic light emitting diode (OLED) type rather than the commonly used liquid crystal display (LCD).  One of the most interesting features is the inclusion of two processor cores; one running at 1.7GHz and the other at 1.8GHz. One processor can be switched off when light work is being done. This greatly saves on the power consumption.

As for size the Galaxy note 3 is expected to be 6.3 inches getting even closer to Tablet sizes.

  • Price

The galaxy Note is going for £550. The Galaxy Note 3 could be a bit more expensive considering the larger screen size and may go for around £600.

For now it is impossible to predict the expected release date of Samsung Galaxy 3 due to the scanty details available. 

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