Storm8 Hits 10M Daily Active Users

Mobile game maker company Storm8, created by Facebook engineers, has just announced crossing an impressive milestone of 10 million daily active users. In terms of reach, that figure puts Storm8 to the top; in comparison, game giant Zynga announced in July that it had 33 million daily active users. AppAnnie, the app tracking site, published a chart of biggest game developers by revenue on iOS; Storm8 took the ninth position with its 40 apps. The good thing about having a reach that large is that the company saves money it would otherwise spend on attracting new users.

The company, which its creators say to be ‘not a one-hit wonder’ is indeed not known for having the most unique titles, as any other early iOS and Android developer. Everything Storm8 has created was pieces in proven genres. However, the company creates games quickly and aggressively. Their games Bubble Mania and Slots tapped the social casino and arcade games sphere, which are trendy right now.

Storm8 has not taken any funding as for now, ant that is a bit odd in today’s gaming market. However, companies like Imangi Studios and Backflip Studios, with light funding or bootstrapped, are a vivid demonstration that its possible to get to the top with no significant outside help.

Zynga’s poor performance scared off many investors from the sphere last year. Storm8 was rumored to be looking at a $300 million investment round n 2011, but that has not yet happened. The company is currently seeking ways to expand its reach abroad.

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