Patent Wars: Apple iOS vs Google Android

The Motorola Company, recently bought by the Google Corporation after a long set of negotiations for the sum of $12,5 billion, is now equipping all the smartphones of the company with the Android operational system. If you want to assess how important this event is, you should research the history of the Motorola company, but if you don't understand why, read about advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research. Such a nice fact has nevertheless made them the aims of judicial persecution initiated by the rivals on the smartphone market – the Apple Company, whose experts claimed to have found the damages within the Android structure. It all started with the recent address of the Apple Company to the Federal Court in order to get the patent infringement. The appeal was cancelled by the Judge Richard Posner dismissing the case with no second chance. This time Apple’s injunction concerning Motorola’s Android phones could result in catastrophic consequences for the company starting with the diminishing of sales’ volumes and finishing with the most unpleasant thing for a long-esteemed manufacturer – the loss of trust to the brand among the customers.

The most interesting thing about the situation is that Apple is not actually the initiator of the patent wars. Motorola has already sued the Apple Company back in 2010 for the damages in the patent of the iOS, thus protecting the Android interests. Yet their attempt has proven effortless and inefficient, and what is even more piquant – the judge was all the same, Richard Posner. He doesn’t seem to show his prefers to any of the brands and remains what a judge must be – impartial.

So what happens now is what can be called a strike back from Apple. For now the jury has not announced the final decision, but looks like none of the industrial giants will be satisfied. 

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