Google Gets the New Android to Smartphones

The search giant has recently started to deliver the newest version of Android to smartphone users. The Jelly Bean will have some innovations making search system more comfortable to use, according to Google’s report. The question about working out the patent row that caused the ban of the Nexus phone in the USA is not clear yet. 

From now on the Google Voice Search will be able to give results from Facebook, Freebase and Wikipedia. Some more innovations will be appreciated by the users of Google Now as data weather or games score will be automaticlly delivered to them. One thing that might damage Google’s leading plans is the probable violation of the search patent. Apple owns the patent for collecting data from different sources and afterwards presented a unique content given by the US Patent and Trademark Office last December. Apple will use this technology to develop Siri.

Even after banning sales in the USA, there were some rumors that Google was going to modify Android to limit the search results and voice-search function; Google declined any official statement. The Windows Phone developer also says that some of its investors made lawsuits against enterprises that didn’t pay fees for corruptly used patents.

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