Sony’s New Xperia Tablet S

When Sony made its way into the tablet market with a couple of Android-based devices, it brought along some interesting design choices. However, the company is planning to bring out the next generation of its products, outing the new line under the brand name Xperia, which is also the same as the Smartphones that the company has. Just as the rumours claimed, there is the upcoming Sony tablet dubbed the Xperia Tablet S, which has the same design as the earlier Tablet S model, which was described by Sony as easier to hold because the tablet’s weight will be drawn on one side. Anyway the upcoming version will be slimmer, though, lighter in fact according to Sony, this product will be lighter than the iPad. 

The Xperia Tablet S has a screen that is 9.4 inches diagonally, the company also worked to make the tablet a useful “second screen” that can be used to watch TV. It also enhanced the remote controller app, and now it comes with a macro ability that will help users program a sequence of commands of the user’s choice, they can also create six macros that have custom labels. The tablet will also have a new app that is called Watch Now, which is more or less a supercharged program guide. It is like a visual guide that lets the user browse through cover art getting information from Gracenote. It also provides recommendations, gets content from Facebook, and several other social networks that can be used by the user to share their preferences and also see what would be trending at the moment. 

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7 Responses to "Sony’s New Xperia Tablet S"

  1. DrBoar says:

    Is there a 3G version of this tab ?

  2. bavlondon2 says:

    Sony, I’m underwhelmed by the price…again. As a consumer who owns a Sony Bravia TV, a Sony digicam, a Sony soundbar, and a Sony Blu-Ray player, I obviously like Sony. But what I don’t understand is why you’re pricing yourself out of the tablet game. For half what this costs, I could buy ANOTHER Kindle Fire.

    I’m disappointed.

  3. DanMacMan says:

    I think tablets other then the iPad will face the same fate as the Netbooks. They will be priced too close to a laptop and since they really don’t replace a laptop that will be a problem. The iPad has even hurt Macbook sales even though Apple does not admit it. The question really is do you want a tablet with cloud storage or a laptop with the ability to store locally? For me I don’t mind a tablet for short periods of time. I had a iPad when it first came out and now I have a Nexus 7. I use it, but its not my go to device. My laptop is still more comfortable to type on and surf with.

  4. halfyearsun says:

    I like the look of that, looking forward to a full review.

    • DiscoCow says:

      When I first look at it, I thought it is running Win8. I wonder if MS and Sony will sue each other for the look and feel.

  5. audiopollution says:

    Here goes!!

  6. mbarriault says:

    Nice. I actually just bought one of these few months back. Really nice tablet. Even though its only has a Tegra 2 in it. It actually flies quite nicely.


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