Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE in Korea

Samsung has enhanced its beloved Galaxy Note 10.1. The device found the likes all over the globe thanks to quite a big screen, helpful features, and, of course, its famous S Pen. The device is still a decent rival to more advanced devices, such as the Note 2. It is called-for on the market, and Samsung decided to upgrade the Galaxy Note 10.1 by adding the LTE capability to it. The device has already been launched in South Korea. A global launch of the tablet is expected in a few months.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 was revamped not only with the LTE capability but also with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As a result, the device has the functionality of the latest Android and LTE data speeds. In addition to that, the device is equipped with several additional features, such as the ability to view folder contents and calendar entries by simply hovering the Pen over the screen and to draw quick commands.

However, the main advantage of the new Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE is not its advanced features. The device supports so-called Voice over LTE function: voice calls of the user are efficiently transmitted not by CDMA or 3G GSM networks but by an LTE data network. The users from the United States may not be able to use the feature soon, though. The problem is that Voice over LTE is not supported in the country. Currently, the only carrier that supports the feature is MetroPCS. The company might be bought out by T-Mobile, though. The good news is that Verizon is pushing the envelope to introduce the feature on the US market as soon as possible. The carrier is a nation’s leader in LTE network growth, so it is no wonder that Verizon will do everything possible to provide its users with Voice over LTE feature. However, even the giants like Verizon may have some problems: the company planned to introduce the service by the end of , but it seems that the debut was delayed to late .

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    The screen on this tablet is complete crap. Who puts a 150ppi screen on a 10″ tablet now? That would be an Apple thing to do. Step up your game Samsung.


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