Blackberry Getting Help to Learn the Trick How to Use iOS Apps

BlackBerry’s Playbook suddenly got way more attractive because of the ingenious guy with the nickname BusinessCat2000. Kevin Michaluk, the editor of CrackBerry was rather shocked to see that happen not on his site, specially made for this kind of things. He made his job and asked BusinessCat2000 to upload some more videos that are going to explain the basic mechanism and allow Playbook users not only to crack and install applications from iOS, but the Android applications also.

Which is quite amazing and makes the tablet a unique device that is able to combine different sorts of apps at the same time.The algorithm is quite simple though, it resembles the way WINE is used to run Windows apps on Linux. All simple people need to know is that Playbook supports two main APis that are needed for the iOS apps the GL ES and openAL. Since that was discovered everything else becomes easy, with certain knowledge and programs of course.

Needless to say Playbook is going to gain more popularity now by all the apps being open to the users, but not everyone is able and wants to do that, since the process of converting the applications could not be called very easy and takes some time. The programs is yet to be finished, becoming a very pleasing and rather impressive surprise, especially for BlackBerry that was not even expecting for the tablet to be on the same level with giants of the industry.

It is expected now that CrackBerry is going to do more work on exploring the technology for making that converting easy and handy to all the users, which might greatly affect that popularization of the product. So far the question about Playbook learning some more interesting tricks remains open!

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38 Responses to "Blackberry Getting Help to Learn the Trick How to Use iOS Apps"

  1. Gwydion says:

    If I can run touchosc on it flawlessly, sign me up. (I own it, and iOS allows for 5 devices..sure Eula and circumvention.. But I support developers, and this is for science.)

  2. Buck says:

    wonder if there is a hack that allows Playbook to connect to the internet via wifi…. (officially, the Playbook is the only device on the planet that is incompatible to a mifi mobile wifi card)

    • jesperas says:

      Android won’t connect to ad hoc networks either, and is picky about wifi hotspots.

  3. AEthedemem says:

    PLaybook is Way better than Ipad.. Ipad is just a marketing winner..side by side Playbook outguns Ipad by more than a nose.. just my 2 cents after doing a compare..

    • MagicFingers says:

      Only in fantasy land.. But, the hardware is good and the price is right. Give it real, fully functioning, no compromise iOS apps and it can be all that and a bag of chips. I’m no fool, I’d take a 7″ iPad that can run flash.

  4. gsxrboy says:

    When oovoo instagram and Skype cane used with playbook.. Ian then let the world know.. Thanks

  5. BoeManE says:

    but if the door is open, some people WILL come, I wonmt buy a playbook even though this is neat, but I could just see Apple Messing something up to protect their sales. but great never the less! =D

  6. dage007 says:

    You can open a door, but it doesn’t mean anybody’s going to come in.

    There are hacks that are useful and there are hacks that are acts of mental masturbation. I know as I have written both.

    If you want to run a blackberry, stick to the blackberry OS.
    You will find no support for your device at Apple.

  7. iBook says:

    Wow. Took a while, but we’ve finally discovered the world’s first use for the PlayBook.

  8. JakeTheRock says:

    Why would you want to run iOS apps on a shitty “tablet” like that? I know someone on here said “What if I want a bigger screen for iOS apps?” IPAD… DOH!!

  9. GreggWSmith says:

    If they want to use iOS Apps, get an iOS device.

    • cmf2 says:

      What if I want iOS apps, but a larger screen? Or better stylus support? Or a 3D camera?

      Don’t even start this.

  10. AChungunny says:

    Maybe RIM should hire this guy to have ANY chance to keep from bankruptcy a little longer lol.

  11. alandail says:

    What if Apple’s lawyers wouldn’t mind such a piece of software – ?
    Hmmmmm. Let me think about that for a minute!

    • maccherry says:

      hahaha 10 seconds later “ahhh apple blocked my emulator”

  12. i am monkey says:

    I find it kind of funny how people put so much time into developing ways to run iOS and iOS games on non-iOS devices, and then pride themselves for being able to do so. Doesn’t this say something about the customers of Android and Rim? That they actually desire iOS and Apple maybe more so than Android and BlackBerry 10? Just cross over to Apple already. You know you want to.

    • benjamin_r says:

      This is incredibly ignorant. The same could be said of planetbeing porting Android to iPhones. You think developers who are capable of writing a damn emulator aren’t well aware of which platform they want to use? They do it for the challenge (and respect that comes with succeeding).

  13. mdriftmeyer says:

    This is cool. If he could some how make the emulator for Android that’d be awesome. Although I assume Android is a lot more different then BlackBerry 10 is to IOS.

    • adudqu says:

      A ‘decent’ Android emulator for iOS would be good.

    • LewysBlackmore says:

      Buy an iphone den…:p
      U ll neva ask for an android emulator…:p

  14. Bagman says:

    Apple is going to block this so quickly

  15. 2 cents says:

    Blackberry has reached to a put up or shut up phase. No one really wants to hear about hopes and aspirations of blackberry, they wanna see the bb10 hardware front and centre anything short of that is for the birds.

    • IQatEdo says:

      I guess the hardware can handle ios but thats no good we want better

  16. Cpsro says:

    Seriously, this is pretty scary stuff. If BlackBerry10/PlayBook can run Android and iOS within an emulator, this means the Apps race and eco system now belongs to RIM.

    Apple : ~500,000 apps Android : ~250,000 apps BlackBerry : ~850,000 apps

    One device with cross platform access to all apps…killer

  17. iShawn says:

    I guess the blackberry users are wanting something that’s a little more like IOS.

  18. Eskimo says:

    If the new BBs can run all the sexy iOS apps AND maintain functionality, who would tolerate the locked down Apple culture? This could be huge.

  19. freelander51 says:

    I believe that BlackBerry “new OS” is powerfull but it cant compete with what Apple has today. If Apple continues with this non-innovative spread, then we are going to see that “come back” they’re talking about…. Just saying, hands down, they already got a device that can run it all… no bs….

  20. boy_analog says:


  21. AirSluf says:

    Time to ditch BB? Not so fast!

    • gumby5647 says:

      And how to get the apps? Pirate them like Android users usually did?

      • MacSuperiority says:

        What on earth are you talking about ? Why would Android users pirate iOS apps ?

  22. applenut says:

    All apps use opengl UI?

    • Carniphage says:

      It looks like most are.
      But I feel like iFart actually uses UIKit components. Not sure if it does, but he may have ported some basic UI elements like UITableView (Or at least mapped them to the equivalent BB framework.)

  23. Eriamjh says:

    They’ll probably call it the iOS APP player too. lmao

  24. Bageljoey says:

    Wouldn’t mind some iOS apps coming to Android, I know most of the boxes are ticked or there’s more than capable alternatives, but there’s still a few I’d like.


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