Qualcomm Gives its Snapdragon S4 to New Windows Phone

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4

Qualcomm Corporation, famous for supplying central processing units to mobile devices of different kinds, has risen its reputation extremely high since the moment of the company’s foundation. The reputation of the firm appears to be flawless, as long as Qualcomm was chosen among many candidates to provide the CPU for the upcoming Windows phone – a gadget long waited for. The decision has been officially announced by the Qualcomm representatives on the 20th of June.

The exact model chosen to be integrated into the Windows 8 operated device is the famous Snapdragon 4S, apparently the fastest dual-core chip found on the shelves of the company. Reaching the core working frequency of 1.7 GHz each one, Snapdragon 4S really demonstrates wonderful efficiency. Another interesting thing about the processing units is the fact that they combine the CPU and the graphic processing units with the LTE radio functions – a rare thing among the processors for mobile devices. For the moment the processing units of this kind serve the lucky owners of HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The award-winning smartphones prove the excellent quality of the Qualcomm processor, giving hope that the new Windows Phone appears to be a great successor for these flagship phones.

The silicon-based slim chip will appear in the first lineup of Windows Phones, yet the executives of the company have definitely said they give no warranty that Qualcomm remains the supplier of Snapdragon S4 chips for the next generations of the device. 

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34 Responses to "Qualcomm Gives its Snapdragon S4 to New Windows Phone"

  1. midwinter says:

    Definitely awesome.

  2. mcsjgs says:

    Fall 2012 will be a good time to be a smartphone owner

    • bulk001 says:

      You mean to *become* a smartphone owner, right? To be an existing one with an old phone, not so much.

      • ascii says:

        Euh no. Why would we stay with the current Smartphone. I am not gonna keep my omnia 7 any longer. Time for 3rd generation :)

      • APealmPostePen says:

        Like Apple and Google, upgrade exiting mobile CPU’s when they roll out a new update :)

  3. Immanuel says:

    If it will mean i dont have to charge my phone everyday bring it on.

  4. DigitalMonkeyBoy says:

    If Dev’s are now gaining access to Native development, the games will still lag behind other platforms simply based off the fact that they ALREADY ALLOW native development, and that will be on a better GPU.

  5. imacFP says:

    Just put in 64 cores to shut the robots up.

    • LudwigVan says:

      lol could you imagine!? In 5 years I can see our phones having 4 or 8 cores. Maybe in 20 years if WP is still around we might just see 64 cores in a smart phone. It’s unimaginable to think about now, but it will eventually happen in the future.

  6. eon says:

    Is this the one with the newer Adreno 320 graphics? Adreno 225 will be behind the times when WP8 launches.

  7. ascii says:

    Qualcomm is going to make a killing this year with majority of phones in the US coming with their chips in it. Hopefully they can keep up with the demand.

  8. jlandd says:

    Ahh and it only runs the Adreno 225 I believe. Still a step up from the 205, but no 320 beast. Maybe that will leave something for the 720P screens and the 225 will be regulated to the WVGA side for the first batch. Hmm.

  9. Foo2 says:

    So think about how android performs with the regular s4 now on the one x for example. Now imagine the performance you’ll get on a windows phone with an even faster gpu*

    • christopher126 says:

      The question is, what can Microsoft do with that GPU? Android needs the GPU to run emulators, but all Win phones has now are low spec games like “Cut the Rope” and “Fruit Ninja”. They should at least get Gameloft on board.

  10. john says:

    And here I was hoping for a 1ghz dual core S4 so I could get longer battery life. Apparently my dream, small, ultra battery, waterproof phone is still a fantasy.

    • backtomac says:

      Uh, you “Are” getting a 1+Ghz Duel Core S4+, which will have longer batterly life.. The problem of a waterproof phone however, well talk to ZTE about that.

  11. durandal says:

    I wonder what other new fable feature fAndroids will harp on next now that WP8 is getting the S4+… “..but it lacks a dedicated fart app button. CRAP!”

  12. 4fx says:

    Samsung must be ecstatic that they can’t use their Exynos (or Tegra 3) or anything else. S4s are already supply constrained IIRC so all the vendors will be fighting with each other and many other Android makers for basic hardware. WP8 looks great for the OEMs.

    • Gustav says:

      I’m not sure I follow. I am not big on keeping tabs on mobile processors, so maybe you can elaborate as to why Samsung wouldn’t want to keep costs down by having its processor in it, rather than having to buy from Qualcomm?

  13. Astepteday says:

    MSM8960 is a normal Snapdragon S4, not Plus or something.

  14. DiscoCow says:

    IMHO, what’s lacking isn’t the processing power, it’s the apps, man. The availability of things I love on Android and the pricing is really weird and crazy for WP7.

    • knightlie says:

      Supposedly, it will be real easy to port apps. One of the apps they used in the demo was ported from its in 2 days. If its easy to port apps,why wouldn’t a dev port an app even if wp still has low market share? If porting is cheap, hopefully the prices will come down as well.

  15. ascii says:

    Yeah, let’s stick to one platform, seemed to work out great before

  16. iLiver says:

    This will make it much easier to developers to optimized their apps.

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