iPad 5: Slimmer and Lighter?

Even if people are not certain when iPad 5 will venture the market, most are sure that it will be released before the end of . Some people mention that the launching will happen in March or at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, the launching period is not essential like the benefits that the new device portrays. The iPad 5 has a new design, different from the old iPad 4. The difference between the two is the width and weight. iPad 4 users complained that the app is a bit heavy and thick. Well, the advanced iPad 5 will be lighter and slimmer than iPad 4. The Apple Insider and market analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, forecasts that the upgraded iPad 5 will be slimmer and lighter than any other in the market.

Apart from the prediction of a lighter and slimmer model, Kuo also predicts that the new iPad will have similar designs as iPad mini. The mini’s side bezel is a bit slimmer than that of iPad 4 or the iPad containing a wider full-size. The device from Apple, iPad Mini, came up with software that will ignore and detect any unintended touches on its screen. Since Apple has already modified the device, it should be in a position to launch an iPad that has full-size features. The Sharp IGZO has been helpful in the process of producing a lighter and slimmer iPad 5. The company showcased the advanced technology at the CES for the first time.

The displays showed how the new app would assist users to pay reduced power bills because of its high quality battery. Several observers indicate that year will be a bit early for the launch of iPad 5. For example, Kuo indicates that the company will not be ready to release and launch the app within the year of . It is expected that the iPad 5 producers will take the trend of launching a new app after one year just like what Apple does. Kuo uses Apples reaction to predict what would happen to iPad 5 launches, as he did last year during the iPad 4 launches.

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