Review of Mophie Helium for iPhone 5

Mophie has come up with a new dedicated juice pack for the iPhone 5. This battery case can be a real boon for the power users who need to charge their iPhones on the way. However, this is a dedicated pack thus there is no way that you can use it to charge your iPad or any other device that you might own.

The helium is gunmetallic in color and snugly fits to the iPhone 5.

It comes in two parts which can be fitted around the phone and locked in place. While the locking mechanism is definitely strong, it is not so much that you wouldn’t be able to pry the two apart whenever required. The case is such that all the buttons on the phone remain available. The lightning connector port would not be available though, as it gets replaced by a USB port. This is a bit of a nuisance as with this pack on you cannot use the lightning cable for recharging nor can the phone be docked to be charged. However, the good news here is that both the case and the phone can be charged together.

The battery case packs a lot of punch as it can be used to charge the phone to provide nearly six hours of  extra talk time, seven hours of Wi-Fi or video playback. The charging is pretty quick as well with nearly 50 percent of the battery charging happening within the first hour. The one big negative here is the extra bulk that the case adds to your sleek Apple phone. While the case does not make the phone exceptionally bulky or long, it does nearly double its dimensions. Think about a curved iPhone 3GS and you would understand the way your new iPhone would look. This is not really something that most people can live with. Thus, unless you really are a power user, the new juice pack might not really appeal to you.

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