T-Mobile Has Made Its iPhone Data Network Friendly

T-Mobile has finally found a really good way to tease Apple fans, so they will never pass by. This summer the carrier activated its HSPA+ network in the bands compatible with iPhone at several cell sites and it was announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference held at San Francisco’s Moscone West. There’s no doubt that iPhone owners with a T-Mobile SIM card were shocked to discover that their poor 2G data speeds suddenly achieved 4G levels, however that only worked out in certain areas.

Moreover, it has been recently unveiled that the company managed to upgrade its network throughout the whole Bay Area, and the same is true for parts of Florida and Arizona. The CTO of T-Mobile, Neville Ray stressed in his blog that HSPA+ networks had been tied to the 1900 MHz PCS band in Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton Silicon Valley and Modesto. Additionally, the long-awaited upgrade came to such areas as Mesa and Tucson, Phoenix, Ari, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Fla.

To summarize this great HSPA+ network happiness, one should conclude that up to 15 US cities have been granted a higher level of user loyalty as they no longer offer this outdated 2G spectrum for HSPA+.Other lucky areas involve Las Vegas, Baltimore, Kansas City, Washington, DC and Houston. Of course, users hope that other cities will join the upgraded network soon and it’s up to the company to complete the whole HSPA+ upgrade across the country before getting down to creating a new LTE network. T-Mobile is also geared towards bringing its HSPA+ joy to PCS a bit later. 

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