4G Available for Ridgecrest Verizon Customers

This week, Verizon Wireless began upgrading its 4G LTE network. According to Northern Californian public relations spokesperson of the company, Heidi Flato, official information about 4G LTE geography can be found on Verizon’s website. 4G LTE is available in the China Lake and Ridgecrest region. Kern County, as well as Mojave Tehachapi, Lake Isabella and Bear Valley also have access to the service. Flato considers this campaign to be a great step in development of the area where only 3G network was functioning. That means that owners of devices with 4G support will be able to download content rapidly.

641 million dollars were invested by Verizon to upgrade and expand LTE network in California. Caroline Semerdjian says that 4G LTE, provided by Sprint Wireless, is working officially only in Vallejo-Fairfield and Santa Rosa-Petuluma. Though, it covers 58 markets in the country. Sprint’s media representative noted that customers might probably access 4G network when the company ran tests. Several new markets for the San Francisco Bay Area will start working the next month. For further information about newly added areas, customers are recommended to check www.sprint.com/coverage.

A 2 GB data plan is available for 60 dollars for smartphones. For those, who use Share Everything service data is divided among participants of the family plan; calls and texting are still unlimited. Extra gigabytes cost 15 dollars each. MyVerizon account and several other tools help customers to control their traffic expenditure.

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