The Nexus 7, a Blend of Corresponding Software and Hardware

Google is slowly putting together a more complete mobile OS, as if that is not enough they also created the most suiting hardware to run the Android operating software; the Android v4.1 also known as the Jelly Bean. While the Nexus 7 isn’t exactly up to expectations, it is the most critically acclaimed Android tablet on the market today. For Android fans who want a smaller tablet for say $200; the Nexus 7 is an authentic alternative to the Kindle Fire. The Nexus 7 is a excellent combination of well built software and hardware that corresponds to this level of excellence. The Jelly Bean software is a well crafted operating system; it is described as the fastest, smoothest Android OS version yet. With battery graphics and silky transitions, the Jelly Bean makes everything faster, more fluid and smoother. This software has a feature that will boost your device so that it becomes more responsive and also set it back down so that the battery lasts longer. The Nexus 7 has a superior processor over its competitors like the Kindle Fire, and games play remarkably well on it. However, this is not the final version of Jelly Bean so there is room for improvements and they will be made soon.

 This is not a bad start for both Google and Android, although the hardware might be lacking a bit. If the sales for Kindle Fire indicate anything at all, it will be that the Nexus 7′s shortfalls do not concern typical consumers. For early adopters and those looking for an alternative to the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 is the most legitimate option at the moment. If one wants a 7-inch tablet that runs Android software consumers cannot get anything better than the Nexus. It runs vanilla Android (that is still young as far as technological time is concerned) that is optimized for the hardware and it is affordable. It is faster, smoother and nicer than the Kindle Fire. Although its failure to have tablet-specified applications, or how Google is taunting that is made for Google play; The Nexus is a good investment. It is without doubt the perfect combination of hardware and software that came at the right time and price. 

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