Sony Vaio S Series SVS1511AGXB

Sony decided to start releasing a few varieties of laptops, they say that they will only release the Vaio E, S, T, and Z series, and the rest of the other Sony laptops will be discontinued. Of the remaining types the Vaio is the maybe the most universally applicable, because it has a sharp, high-end design, decent configurations, and a 13 and 15 inch option. All this and other features whose qualities are shown by the high price, which is relatively high even, compared to the Vaio E series. Sony has now released a new iteration in the line of 15 inch Vaio S series. 

This new Vaio S Series which will go for $1,349 is a high end laptop that is in the same category as the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the famous Retina display, it is also much similar to the Dell XPS 15, which costs $1,699. The Vaio is certainly a typical above average 15-inch high-end laptop; it has a lot of the ingredients necessary. It has a 1080p display, a blu-ray drive, excellent graphics, and a Trusted Platform Module chip, which might not be very necessary unless you are in the IT department. Sony adds some other features that adds value to the money you spend to buy this laptop, it has some free software packages like, Vegas, Acid, Sound forge and many other multimedia, Sony owned applications are added

The Vaio does come with a few disappointments though; it is very expensive even for a laptop of its calibre. The price is not justified by the fact that there is another premium laptop that outperforms it, and there are other laptops with better designs that cost much less that it does, and the touch pad is not that stable according to recent research. However, it does have a few good things about it to cover up for all these cons. It is still very powerful even though there is one other computer that outperforms it, it is also very thin and light which makes it very convenient to carry around. The Vaio also has a quad-core CPU, a blu-ray drive, and a lot of preinstalled Sony software. This new iteration is good for playing games; it has blu-ray, and a lot of pre-installed software. Add that to the fact that is very thin and light which makes it a very high class device, for $1,349 it puts up a good fight.

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