Things to Expect from the New Samsung Galaxy 4

The fact that Samsung Galaxy 4 is going to be released this year is indisputable, however the exact date and month is not yet certain. There was a time when Samsung might have released it in the MWC mobile expo that would be held in February. However, recent successes mean that the company would almost surely go for its own jazzy launch for the phone. This might not happen before May if a social post from a Samsung arm, Lebanon is to be believed.

The new phone is allegedly going to make the screen bigger than the S3 which is quite a feat. The overall size of the phone would not be increased by redesigning and reducing the bezel round the display. The new 5 inch 1080p screen would have an AMOLED display like the rest of the Samsung line.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is allegedly going to have an eight-core processor, four of which would be pro-performance A15 cores while the other four would be battery saving A7 cores. This would translate to nearly 70 percent lower power consumption that the previous generation chips. The phone would have a 2GB RAM similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The phone would have an Android 4.2 with the addition of the latest Touchwiz UI by Samsung. While Android 4.2 is a known commodity the Touchwiz UI might entail several new bells and whistles to the phone.

The megapixel race is on in earnest now with each smartphone maker trying to trump the other. Samsung would be upping the antenna by coming up with a 13 megapixel camera. A higher mega pixel does not necessarily translate to a better camera but the company has been known for coming up with the best camera phones in the market and there is no reason to believe that it would disappoint with the new entrant.

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